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Pee Safe Viscose Tampons For Periods

Tampons are small cylinder shape menstrual flow absorbent, made of pure cotton and free from synthetic dyes. It is gently inserted into your vagina to soak the flow. As one does not experience the same amount of flow throughout the menstrual cycle, it is available in three profound sizes.
Regular - for light flow.

Super - for medium flow.

Super Plus - for heavy flow.
Free from chemicals - Pee safe Organic Tampons curated with naturally grown cotton and no synthetic dyes.

Goodness of - Tampons have Aloe Vera and bamboo plant fiber to absorb your menstrual flow and keep the vaginal area breathable.

Sleep well - Comfortable for both day and night use, you can sleep freely by putting this on as it locks the flow well.

Easy on the environment - Tampons decompose within months. Keeps both your and your environment safe.

Suits all - Dermatologically tested and free from chlorine bleach, will not cause any irritation or allergies.

Usage - The key is to be patient, unwrap the removal chord slowly, tug the chord well, and insert the upper rounded part of the tampon gently in your vagina with the help of your fingers. To slide it out, hold the ejection chord and pull it smoothly.

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