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New Nine Vande Bharat Trains - Sep 24 2023

New 9 Vande Bharat trains - Sep 24, 2023

The Vande Bharat Express is a short-distance train service operated by Indian Railways. Similar to Shatabdi Express, these are day train services that connect major Indian cities which are in a distance of less than a day's time. The trainsets can support semi-high speeds but due to the railway track speed capacity, multiple stoppages and traffic congestion, the operating speed of the services are limited to 160 km/h (99 mph) on a section of the Delhi-Bhopal service and 110–130 km/h (68-81 mph) on other services.
How many Vande Bharat trains will be there in India?
There are 25 Vande Bharat Expresses in the country, and the count will rise to 34 in a few days. According to sources, the new routes are Jaipur-Udaipur, Patna-Howrah, Ranchi-Howrah, Hyderabad-Chennai, Chennai-Tirunelveli, Indore-Jaipur, Puri-Rourkela, Jaipur-Chandigarh and Jamnagar-Ahmedabad.
A list of nine new Vande Bharat trains
Serial NumberRoute
1Kasaragod - Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
2Jaipur - Udaipur (Rajasthan)
3Vijayawada - Chennai (Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu)
4Tirunelveli - Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
5Jamnagar - Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
6Ranchi - Howrah (Jharkhand and West Bengal)
7Secunderabad (Kacheguda) - Bengaluru (Yesvantpur) (Telangana and Karanataka)
8Rourkela - Puri (Odisha)
9Patna - Howrah (Bihar and West Bengal)
The Vande Bharat Express was designed by the RDSO and manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF). The specifications were also standardized by the RDSO. It was made for low-cost maintenance and operational optimization. The cost of a 16-coach Vande Bharat train is about ₹115 crore (US$14 million).
The sleeper train version of the Vande Bharat is expected to be a significant addition to the chain, providing comfort to the passengers to travel long distances overnight.
The ICF is also developing a new type of Vande Bharat train called the Vande Metro. It will be a 12-coach train, designed for short-distance travel. Vande Metro will be rolled out by January which will have 12 coaches.
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